Can neck support pillows help relieve headaches?

Neck support pillows can definitely contribute to solving headaches, if the cause of that headache is a poor resting posture, or a sitting posture when the muscles are ‘burning out’ from trying to carry too much weight.

The major cause of headaches, aside from general stress, or from the effects of dehydration or too much alcohol, can be from having the neck in poor alignment and the upper vertebrae of the spine creating pressure that then leads to a transference of pain into the head and forehead. 

Neck support pillows are a great idea, and from the feedback we regularly receive from our customers, we are told that many who have suffered from long term headaches have seen symptoms reduce or disappear completely after using a neck support pillow.

The modern neck support pillow is usually made from a specially contoured memory foam inner. This memory foam comfortably adjusts to the individual weight and shape of the user’s neck and head, so creating exactly the right level of graded support. 

Neck support pillows are therefore a great addition to use as a travel aid, as very often, headaches and mild nausea can be averted by the use of a neck support pillow. 

It is in the instances where the neck is not correctly supported, and the weight of the head and shoulders begins to put undue pressure on the small muscles of the neck and even those of the head and face. 

The pain from the build up of lactic acid in these muscles can then travel to the higher parts of the head, creating the feeling of discomfort described as a headache. Sometimes this pain can be so severe, that it can be felt as a migraine, due to its pulsing nature and how it feels like the eyes want to remain closed.

The neck support pillow enables the weight of the head to be distributed much more evenly. The neck support pillow takes a lot of the strain from the muscles, so there is not the build up of lactic acid. 

This results in a greater feeling of comfort for the user and the ability to sit in a relaxed position for longer periods, as can be experienced during travel. 

Muscles, ligaments and tendons are not under strain, so the cycle of pain is not escalated to the head, and the headache is not experienced.

Neck support pillows are also a great aid of you have recently had a neck or shoulder injury, as it is much easier to position the head and shoulders where the injury or strain is not further aggravated.

Neck support pillows allow for gentle and comfortable recuperation of the neck and shoulders and adjustment to a more comfortable position whether in bed or in a seated position.

The other great use for neck support pillows is if you are working in a seat or in bed, say, reading, using a phone, tablet or laptop. Whereas normally doing these activities you will be prone to feeling a headache coming on due to poor posture and position, the neck support pillow can give you just the right support, so you can concentrate fully and enjoy your activity.

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